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Turkish Calls to Reactivate Syrian Constitutional Committee

Turkey's Deputy Ambassador to the UN strongly advocated for the urgent reactivation of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, according to Baladi News.

Turkey’s Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations, Seren Handi Ozgur, strongly advocated for the urgent reactivation of the Syrian Constitutional Committee while emphasizing the importance of not marginalizing the Syrian opposition.

Addressing the Security Council during the Syria session on Monday, Ozgur underscored that the Syrian people’s demands remained unmet after enduring 12 years of conflict. She emphasized that the Syrian Constitutional Committee, designed to bring together the Syrian regime and the opposition, is an essential cornerstone for achieving a lasting settlement, reiterating the need to avoid marginalizing the Syrian opposition.

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Ozgur pointed out that the most pressing threat to Syria’s territorial integrity and its future stems from terrorist organizations, including the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Democratic Union Party (PYD), which pose a direct threat to Turkey’s national security and exploit Syrian territory for launching attacks.

Regarding the escalating situation in northern Syria, the Turkish diplomat highlighted the detrimental impact of increasing Syrian regime attacks on the Idleb governorate. These attacks severely affect vital services in a region already grappling with dire conditions, making humanitarian access a critical necessity.

Ozgur noted that the recent disruptions in aid shipments due to earthquakes in the region have exacerbated the challenges faced by the Syrian people. She emphasized the shared responsibilities of the Syrian regime and the Security Council in mitigating risks associated with the arrival of aid.

Furthermore, the Deputy Ambassador expressed Turkey’s expectation for continued transit from Turkey to Syria to facilitate the delivery of aid to northern Syria, particularly during the harsh winter months. She urged the international community and the Security Council to remain prepared for necessary intervention to ensure the unhindered flow of aid.

Finally, Ozgur expressed her concern regarding the decrease in funding for cross-border aid to Syria and called for increased support in this critical endeavour.


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