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Turkey Sends Massive Military Reinforcements to Syria

On Tuesday night, Turkey sent a large military convoy to Syria as reinforcements, as a military operation against the SDF seems imminent, according to Baladi News.
Turkey Sends Massive Military Reinforcements to Idleb
Turkey Sends Massive Military Reinforcements to Syria

On Tuesday evening, October 26th, Turkey sent new military reinforcements into the Idleb governorate in Syria. This development came a few hours after the Turkish parliament approved an extension of the government’s authorization to send troops to Iraq and Syria.

A large army reinforcements military convoy from Turkey, comprising about 100 vehicles, arrived between Tuesday night and Wednesday, from the Kafr Losin crossing in the northern Idleb countryside to the depth of Idleb in northwestern Syria, according to a Baladi News correspondent in Idleb countryside.

Our correspondent added that the convoy consists of armored vehicles dedicated to transporting soldiers, armored vehicles, trucks loaded with logistical materials, engineering equipment, cement blocks, prefabricated guards, and fuel tanks.

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He explained that all vehicles and mechanisms within the convoy were distributed among military positions and bases deployed in the Jabal al-Zawiya area, of the southern Idleb countryside, located near the Aleppo-Lattakia International M-4 highway. The aim of this distribution is to support and strengthen those positions.

On Tuesday evening, the Turkish parliament approved the extension of the government’s mandate to send troops to Iraq and Syria for two more years.

On October 25th, the Turkish government summoned the Syrian National Army leadership to the Turkish capital, Ankara, to prepare for a military operation in Syria. The operation includes more than 35,000 troops, targeting PYD and PKK strongholds in northeastern Syria.

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