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Turkey Removes Records of 122,000 Syrians; Interior Minister Explains

The authorities claim that the concerned individuals have been "missing", according to al-Souria Net.
Turkey Removes Records of 122,000 Syrians; Interior Minister Explains

Turkey’s Interior Ministry announced that it has cancelled the records of 122,000 Syrians living on Turkish territory because they were not present at their nominated addresses, and government agents had been searching for them “to no avail.”

Turkey’s Deputy Interior Minister  Ismail Çatakli said some 122,000 Syrians have come to Turkey and registered there since 2016, without showing any trace for years. Catakli noted that they have been “missing.”

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The maximum number of Syrians in Turkey is 3,760,000 Syrians, Catakli said, noting that 122,000 of them are not at their nominated addresses.

In other news, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has counted the numbers of Syrians returning from Turkey to Syria during the recent crackdowns on Syrian refugees in Turkey.

On Tuesday, Turkey’s representative to UNHCR said that nearly 800 Syrian refugees return from Turkey to northern Syria each week on a “voluntary” basis — even though conditions are not fit for their return.

The representative added that about 800 Syrians, mostly singles, return to different parts of northern Syria every week. However, he added that most Syrians believe they will stay in Turkey because the economic conditions are better than in Syria.


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