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Turkey Continues to Commit Crimes in Afrin

Ever since they attacked the city of Afrin and the surrounding area, the Turkish regime and their mercenaries have tormented and looted from the local population writes SANA.
Turkey Continues to Commit Crimes in Afrin

A year ago, Turkish regime forces and their mercenaries from terrorist groups swept into the city of Afrin. Local residents have attested to the scale of the tragedy, with those who are still in the towns and villages continuing to suffer.

More than 50 terrorist organizations, most of which adopted the mentality and ideology of al-Qaeda, spread across the city abducting civilians, looting houses and displacing the locals by means of force and threat.

The scenes of aggression in Afrin brings to mind what the Zionist enemy did in the liberated city of Quneitra, when it wreaked havoc across the city destroying all the churches, mosques, houses, hospitals and all facilities.

The massacres committed by the Turkish regime and its mercenaries are part of the hostile close-minded policy which is based on the black Takfiri mentality that serves the agendas of the new Ottoman regime, which aims at expanding its control and imposing the policy of fait accompli on the independent states that are engaged in a relentless war on terrorism.

Launching attacks and breaching international laws and conventions is normal for the Turkish regime whose limitless support for terrorist organizations has become very clear. 

Erdogan’s regime has intentionally destroyed archaeological and historical sites, such as the archaeological site of Brad, which embraces St. Maron’s tomb in northern Aleppo, which has been on the UNESCO World Archaeological List since 2011.

The Turkish regime’s mercenaries have committed many crimes against the civilian population. Sources affirmed that last February, terrorist groups uprooted about 1050 olive, cherry and almond trees in the town of Qurna, north of Afrin city, before transporting them to the Turkish territories.

Terrorist groups have also set fires in many areas.  More than 20,000 fruit trees and tens of hectares of coniferous forests and bushes have been burnt under the pretext of opening the roads that link Afrin area with the usurped Liwa Iskenderun through the village of Hamam, 25 km west of the city, to allow the passage of trucks carrying olives and other materials from Syria, which represents a robbery of the Syria’s national resources and properties in broad daylight. 

The relation between Erdogan’s regime and the Takfiri mentality is clear to see. They have increased logistical support to ensure the arrival of more terrorists through the Turkish territories to northern Syria in order to prolong the hostile war, while Syria is fighting terrorism on behalf of the world. 

The final word will come when every inch of the country’s soil is cleared of terrorism and the illegal presence of foreign forces is ended. The Syrian Arab Army will defeat of the terrorists and break the projects of their backers and sponsors.


This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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