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Tunisians Stress Support for Syria Against Conspiracy

Tunisian youths saidv the real Jihad should be waged in Palestine
Tunisians Stress Support for Syria Against Conspiracy

The Tunisian Popular Coordination to Support Syria on Sunday organized a political symposium in which the participants expressed support to Syria in its war against terrorism and extremist infidel forces.


Head of the Coordination, Munsef Wannas said that the sides which annulled the 27th article of the Tunisian constitution, which prevents all kinds of formation with the Zionist entity, and announced Jihad in Syria, are acting upon directives from their funder, Qatar, adding that the takfiri terrorist groups in Syria are connected to imperialism and Zionism.


Outside the meeting, Tunisian youths gathered and raised the Syrian and Palestinian flags in addition to posters of president Bashar Assad.


They expressed their support for Syria in rejecting terrorism, highlighting that Tunisians are against the bloodshed in Syria and destruction of its infrastructure in the name of "Jihad", saying that the real Jihad should be in Palestine.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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