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Truce Terms Declared in Waer, Homs

The truce consists of three stages
Truce Terms Declared in Waer, Homs

Fighting factions in the neighbourhood of Waer, in northwest Homs, have reached a truce with the regime. The truce consists of three stages. The terms are as follows:


– A comprehensive and permanent ceasefire


– Providing a census of the weapons and the number of defectors within the neighborhood


–  Opening of the crossing of Masyaf for people and goods


– The release of a number of female detainees


– The handover of weapons in the neighborhood


– The formation of a committee from both sides to investigate the kidnapped people and their exchange


– Disengagement of forces in the area of Jazeera as-Sabia,  stabilization of the current situation and studying the suggestion of the creation of a no-arms zone and police rehabilitation in coordination with specialized parties in preparation for reactivation of the Justice Palace


– Opening of Dawwar az-Ziraa crossing


-The gradual re-activation of the police station and securing the streets of the neighborhood


– Opening the Justice Palace and working under the direct supervision of the police without any intervention


The second phase will start after the completion of the terms of the first.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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