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Toumeh to Once Again Head Opposition Government

Decision made with Turkish and Qatari agreement
Toumeh to Once Again Head Opposition Government

A well-informed source said the head of the caretaker government will lead the new Interim Government after a Turkish-Qatari consensus was reached.


Ongoing meetings of the key opposition group, the Syrian National Coalition, held over the last three days appeared to conclude with the appointment of Ahmed Toumeh as the new Prime Minister of the Interim Government.


The Coalition political commission dismissed the Toumeh government two months ago over a series of criticisms. But the regional influential powers appeared to back the former imam and dentist.


After almost two years after founding the Coalition in Qatar, in November 2012, the gulf Arab state has emerged as a key ally of the Coalition, as well the decision maker, according to rivals.


The Zaman al-Wasl source said that officials from Qatar in Turkey agreed on Toumeh, while closed-doors agreements leaned toward Ghassan Hitto.


Analysts say the conflict of interest among the opposition figures pushed the regional powers to intervene to solve disputes.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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