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Top Arab, Syrian Thinkers Propose Restructuring of SNC

Opposition conference recommends transforming Coalition into effective national institution and establishing social contract as prelude to new constitution
Top Arab, Syrian Thinkers Propose Restructuring of SNC

Prominent Syrian and Arab scholars, researchers and experts met in the Turkish city of Istanbul on Saturday to discuss the importance of addressing challenges facing the Syrian revolution in its sixth year.

The two-day conference, hosted by the Syrian National Coalition, touched on the current challenges facing the Syrian revolution including foreign military and political interventions, and attempts to impede the Syrian people's revolution for freedom, dignity and justice.

Following a session chaired by Abdul Wahab Badrakhan, the expert panel released a set of recommendations including the need to transform the Syrian Coalition into an effective national institution. Recommendations included employing a team of experts in politics and management to develop effective institutional structures and bylaws, and to bridge the gap between the Coalition and revolutionary forces on the ground.

The recommendations also stressed the importance of outlining a national vision for a solution in Syria based on national consensus by all political and social components, as well as laying out a national social contract to serve as a basis for Syria's future constitution and as a prelude to holding a national conference.

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