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They Are Laughing at Syria, Not With It

While the regime may believe that it has the support of other nations, it is being mocked behind its back writes Geroun
They Are Laughing at Syria, Not With It

After seven years, the Syrian regime, as individuals and as an organization, believes that it can make fun of the whole world, and that it can impose itself on everyone as a regime that Syria cannot do without! It believes that it can laugh at allies and opponents alike, taking from each side what it needs to sustain itself, an eternal regime never soiled by the dust. However, this regime, because of its shortsightedness and misjudgement, sees only a small corner of the overall scene, and does not see that the others are the ones laughing.

The Syrian regime thinks it is laughing at Russia, and that in exchange for facilitating its military intervention and handing over command of the military and political scene, it will protect the regime and cling to it. It does not understand that the opposite is happening and that Russia will give them up once the war has run its course, because they do not find it suitable to have a murderous and humiliating regime that is hated by its own people as an ally.

The Syrian regime thinks that it is laughing at Israel, having served it for five long decades, which pushed the regime and demanded Israel’s survival and the protection of Israeli borders that the regime has defended like a loyal servant, and has been blessed for its honeyed words. It does not know that the opposite is happening. Israel will give the regime up easily when the hour of the comprehensive Middle East settlement comes, because it does not suit Israel to have a fickle ally, governed by militias and unrecognized by its own people.

The Syrian regime believes that it is laughing at the United States, as it has handed over some chemicals as a carrot, and manufactured cross-border terrorist groups, which it uses as a stick, putting it on equal accounts. It does not understand that the regime’s fate does not concern the US, except insofar as it serves current US interests.

The Syrian regime thinks it is laughing at Iran, and that it will hold the regime sacred because it has made Syria available for their sectarian regional project and supported it. It does not understand that it has become entangled with Iran and like Iran, is now counted as a rogue regime that cannot be respected or trusted, a regime with many more enemies than friends, and that their fate is inextricably tied together with a handful of defunct mullahs.

The Syrian regime thinks it is laughing at its loyalists, and that it has persuaded them that these seven years of war have been a fight for their existence, and that the regime is their defender and that without them they would be extinct. It does not understand that they have stood alongside the regime because it has allowed these loyalists the forbidden. It has permitted them to be corrupt and take part in looting. But these loyalists will turn against the regime at the first sign of peace and stability and they will blame the regime for their hundreds of thousands of victims.

Syrians have been plagued by a regime that does not discriminate. It hides behind a tree, and believes that the tree’s large shadow is their shadow. The regime has become afflicted by madness and separated from reality. It has taken its delusions as something that will last from generation to generation.

The regime’s self-sufficiency is a sad joke, and its relationship with Russia is tactical. It began as an experimental adventure and ended with an occupation dependent on a system of buying and selling. Iranian power is nothing but mountains of hatred, which has found a regime to put this hatred. Israel is an occupying force depending on an agent regime who cannot be believed to be on its side. The country of Uncle Sam sees only itself and has never used a regime in the world without giving it up later after it had finished its mission.

The regime’s crimes are many and they have no statute of limitation. The crimes against humanity are no passing joke. It is a mercenary regime that has slaughtered children and women and is eager for killing and monstrosities. It has planted the seeds of sectarianism and irrigated them. It has spread grudges and hatred. It will never be trusted by its friends, and at the first moment of peace it will be thrown out like old clothes when it is time to replace them.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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