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The Coalition’s Five No's

Former Syrian National Coalition spokesman Walid al-Bunni writes for The Syrian Observer on the Coalition’s “Five No’s” declared by the Coalition President last week.
The Coalition’s Five No's

The Syrian National Coalition declared five enthusiastic “no's” during a press conference in London last week: No to reconciliation; no to negotiation; no recognition similar to the famous Khartoum “triple no's”. And it added two more no's: No to going to Geneva and no to silence towards the inability of the international community.


The three previous no's brought us eventually to Camp David, to Oslo, to the survival of Golan under Israeli occupation since 1967 until now.


The reason is that they are fake no's, said to motivate people's enthusiasm and to give cover to the continuation of these regimes' governance, in spite of their failure in all the things required from responsible governments in terms of development, freedom, jobs, and fighting corruption, and because these no's were declared for domestic consumption. Victory is more than simply raising logos. There is no victory with corruption and bad planning, nepotism, and lack of independence of the national decision. There is no victory without using the available political, media and military resources.


Abu Furat, al-Aboud and al-Aqidi, along with all the honorable officers who are free of corruption and mercenary actions should now come forward to lead the Free Syrian Army. A political body should be built as a purely Syrian choice, with no agents for other states except the Free Syrian Army, a graceful and effective political body with an internal flexible system that allows the selection of resources to address media and political work. These energies should be utilized to communicate with the rebels and gain their trust, so that the three no's of the Coalition can avoid the fate of the three no's of Khartoum.


The claim that the current Coalition is the sole representative of the Syrian people is too far from modesty and it does not reflect the reality of Syria today. There must be a call for a Syrian national conference that includes all the politicians and military, fighting revolutionaries and peaceful revolutionaries, and anyone believes in free, pluralistic, civil and democratic Syria, to exchange opinions and put the facts on the table in front of everyone quite frankly, without ornamentation or falsification.


Then, we should develop a political and military plan based on these facts to salvage what remains of Syria, via Geneva or not, peacefully or through war.


The country is being lost, its unity is threatened, our people are homeless, our children are without schools, our daughters are in torture cells, and millions of our people are under siege, hunger and oppression. The tyrant's allies support him without borders, while our allies are reluctantly supporting us with speech and weapons adequate to continue fighting but not to achieve victory. If we are not aware of these facts, we will make mistakes against our country and our people, mistakes that will be like crimes towards the people we love.




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