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Tafs Elders Meet with Regime Governor in Daraa

The Ahrar Hauran Gathering reported that a delegation member listened to the elders’ complaints, according to Baladi News.
Tafs Elders Meet with Regime Governor in Daraa

On Sunday, elders from Tafs held a meeting with the regime’s governor in Badra to raise complaints from farmers following the advance of regime forces into farmland south of the town. 

The Ahrar Hauran Gathering reported that a delegation member who participated in the meeting with regime governor Louay Kharita, had listened to the elders’ complaints. He promised to facilitate farmers’ affairs and ensure they are not harmed or exposed to danger during their daily work in the fields. 

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In the context of security developments around Tafs, the governor said that he would convey the elders’ demands to the security and military committee representing the Syrian regime. Louay al-Ali, the head of the military security service, could not attend the meeting with the elders. This absence was attributed to what the governor had said about the presence of a regime officers’ security meeting in the city of Daraa. 

The source revealed that a meeting is expected to be held in the next two days between the negotiating committee representing the city of Tafs and Ali to discuss various military and security issues affecting the city. Most prominently, the meeting will address the withdrawal of recent military reinforcements from the area and lifting the siege on Tafs.   

On Saturday evening, many residents fled Tafs in response to the regime’s military reinforcements coming near the city and targeting the southern neighbourhoods with heavy machine gunfire.


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