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Syria's Battle Waged for Existence: Zoubi

Information minister says Syria is targeted for its regional role
Syria's Battle Waged for Existence: Zoubi

Syria will attend the proposed Geneva II conference, but not to hand power over to the Muslim Brotherhood, nor those who represent Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the U.S., Israel and others, Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi said.


Zoubi said anti-Syrian powers would never gain through negotiations what they have failed to achieve through assassinations, terrorism, car bombs and purges.


Zoubi pointed out that the battle waged by Syria is one of national existence, resistance and support for Palestine over any party or a state, also asserting that Syria has been targeted for its Arab and regional role and for standing up to the Zionist project.


The Geneva II conference is considered as the beginning of the political process, Zoubi said.


He reiterated that the Syrian State will never negotiate over Syria's national and geographic sovereignty.


The proposed Geneva discussions should focus at the how to restore security, stability, combat terrorism, expulsion of foreign terrorist groups as well as at the building of a pluralistic political life and ballot boxes, he said.


Zoubi also blasted the opposition for its lack of a united political project for Syria.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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