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Syrians in Turkey Victims for Permit Brokers

Difficulties in completing Turkish residency requirements has encouraged permit brokers to exploit Syrian refugees for large amounts of money
Syrians in Turkey Victims for Permit Brokers

The Turkish government has issued a requirement for Syrians residing in Turkey to possess an ID card or traveler's residence, with brokers asking Syrians to pay large amounts of money to facilitate the process.

Applying for a residency permit and identity card is free online, but the date of the interview may be delayed for several months due to the large number of applicants. The problem has prompted many to use the services of brokers to apply for earlier appointments at a cost of TRL 100 ($37), with local brokers taking advantage of the Syrian situation and their identity cards requirements.

Brokers have also been known to convince Syrians of the worthlessness of identity cards in an attempt to push them to apply for alternative residency options, often at great financial sacrifice.

Turkish identity cards provide Syrians with the right to receive treatment in Turkish hospitals, register their children in public schools, and access to gas, electricity, internet and other services.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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