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Syrians Seek Security at Turkish Observation Points

As the Syrian regime increases attacks on villages in Idleb province, civilians are fleeing to the safety of Turkish observation points reports Alsouria Net
Syrians Seek Security at Turkish Observation Points

Dozens of Syrian families have recently fled toward a Turkish observation point east of Idleb following heavy bombardment by the regime and Russia. The families had been living in villages in the northern Hama and southern and southeastern Idleb countrysides.

The families headed toward the al-Sarman area adjacent to the Turkish point, where there is an area known as the “al-Sarman camp,” which is one of the many informal camps which have appeared in Idleb as a result of the regime and Russia’s military escalation in Idleb and parts of the Hama countryside.

A Taste of Security

Nasser al-Hassan, a displaced person from the al-Sarman camp, told Alsouria: “When we fled the bombing, we left our house in seconds, moving urgently on foot. Some of us rode motorcycles and others went in cars until we reached the Turkish observation.”

Hassan added: “We weren’t able to bring our possessions and daily needs … some families obtained a tent while others are sleeping out under the sun and among olive branches, with an urgent need for aid.”

Regarding the reason they chose to flee to the Turkish observation point, Hassan said: “People decided on this place to get a taste of security given the threats and dangers which Idleb province faces.” He added: “The regime won’t dare bomb the observation point out of fear of a Turkish response.”

Riyan al-Ahmed, a member of the Response Coordinators in the North team, told Alsouria that the number of families displaced to the Turkish base was over 300 families, most of them fleeing villages in the southeastern Idleb countryside, which were bombed heavily by regime and Russian warplanes.

Ahmed noted that that the displaced people living in camps faced a difficult humanitarian situation with the serious lack of services and even the minimum requirements for life given the near-total absence of humanitarian organizations. He said that because of the lack of local health centers, they were in need of a mobile medical clinic, in addition to tents and waterproof coatings with the approach of the winter.

Thousands of civilians have been displaced recently from the northern Hama and southern and western Idleb countrysides toward safer areas in Idleb due to the military escalation, which has killed and wounded dozens of civilians and destroyed a number of hospitals, schools, and Civil Defense centers.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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