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Syrian Sunni Tribes Unite: Statement

The tribes of Al-Mawali, Al Hadedeen and other unnamed tribal components held a conference to unite against Assad
Syrian Sunni Tribes Unite: Statement

A new political and military organization in Syria was born in recent hours, constituting of Sunni clans and tribes who reside in the vast countryside of Aleppo, Idleb, and Hama, according to photographic documents.


In a statement, the group noted Assad’s crimes and atrocities against the Syrian people, and the "conspiratorial international community which plotted, along with a lot of Arab and foreign governments, against the Syrian people and their glorious revolution".


The statement pointed to the involvement of Iranian, Houthi, and Hezbollah militias alongside the regime of Bashar al-Assad, and “the intolerable marginalization and discrimination” practiced by the leaders of the revolution against the sons of the tribes.


According to the statement, all of these preliminary circumstances forced the tribes of Al-Mawali, Al Hadedeen and other unnamed tribal components to hold a conference, resulting in several decisions.


Most notably is the implementation of Islamic Shariah to resolve disputes, uniting the battalions and brigades in the tribal areas under one group named "The Alliance of Sunni Clans”.


Moreover, the statement said that the goal of this assembly is to fight the regime and its accomplices, as well as the aggressors who attack their areas, stressing that this new group is part of the revolutionary military forces in Syria, and will enforce the law and accountability on whoever commits violations in the tribal areas.


The statement confirmed the group’s commitment of supporting the rebels in other parts of Syria, but warned at the same time of any operations inside their territories, under any pretext, and from any party, except with coordination with the group. It stressed that the areas of Al-Mawali and Al-Hadedeen are under tribal control, and no other faction is entitled to intervene in their affairs, except members of the clans themselves.


The statement concluded by confirming that the formation of the organization will be followed by a military statement by "the joint command of the Sunni clans", to unite the battalions and brigades, and based on that, a military operation room will be established.


The two Syrian tribes which spread throughout vast areas of Syria, and of whom many have joined the rebel ranks, have also senior criminals in the regime of Bashar al-Assad who attribute themselves to them. On the top of this list is the Minister of Defense, Fahd Freij, and a group of officers in charge of sensitive positions in the regime's army.


At the beginning of the Syrian revolution, the organizers of the peaceful movement named one of the revolution’s Fridays "Clans’ Friday", which was criticized for several reasons, most importantly, because it differentiates between the components of the Syrian people, and stirs feelings of regionalism and ethnicism.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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