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Syrian press editorials

Syrian press editorials expressed the regime's suspicion of the US Secretary of State John Kerry.
Syrian press editorials


In a comment piece published Thursday on Tuesday's meeting between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, the Editor in Chief of Al-Thawra government-owned newspaper, Ali Qasem said Syria will not take Kerry's pledges seriously if it is "not matched with practical steps on the ground" or if the seriousness of the proposal does not translate into serious intention.
There are two reasons for this: Firstly, America has a long and consistent record of hypocrisy in the region. There was nothing in the American's comment's in Moscow that suggested a change in American thinking. Until the opposite is proved, the American administration has shown unceasing hypocrisy.
The second is Kerry's performance, that has revealed an inconsistency in his position and changes to his persuasions. This has been the case with the American administration in general, which deals with situations in a disastrously non-realistic way and never feels embarrassed by its own contradictions.
It has been established that time is no longer on the side of America and its allies, nor its tools, mercenaries and terrorists (if they are depending on a new scenario to support them). What is available to them today will not be available tomorrow, just as what was available to them in the past became impossible today. America knows better than anyone that this is not some analysis, conclusion or an exaggeration, but a reality America has realized itself. A simple assessment of its record will show how many times it has lost and how many it will lose later. America's chance to actually participate in the search for a political solution is available today but may not be available later.
The Tunisian leftist politician, Al- Nifti Hola, wrote in the government-owned Tishreen newspaper that "For the thousandth time, it becomes clear that what is called the "Syrian revolution" is nonsense and fraud. It is false politically, socially and even morally. Syria is in actual fact, subject to a global conspiracy and international terrorism supported by international imperialism led by America, France, Britain and the Zionist enemy.
Nothing proves this more that the direct interference from Israel on three occasions, the last being early last Sunday, when it attacked three Syrian sites. This shameless Zionist aggression was coordinated with Washington, as shown by comments from major military leaders who stated that the attacks were in coordination with the United States and that Israel carried them out on behalf of Washington.
But despite the escalation led by these enemies and their major international conspirators, and despite the terror of Al-Qaeda and the militias of the Muslim Brotherhood – their agents in executing the Zionist-American plan – the people, army and leadership in still Syria believe in the inevitability of victory in spite of the hatred of the vengeful plans of these conspirators. The heads of the snakes attacking the Arab resistance in Damascus will be cut and darkness will descend. The light of the true Arab Spring will dominate, the spring that refuses colonialism, exploitation, territorial partition and surrender, the Spring which believes in unity, freedom and socialism.


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