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Syrian Government Intent on Combatting Terrorism: Zoubi

Power will change hands only through the ballot box, Zoubi says
Syrian Government Intent on Combatting Terrorism: Zoubi

Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi said Sunday that recent talk of the use of chemical weapons has been exaggerated, while severing diplomatic ties is aimed at striking fear into the hearts of Syrians.


These developments, he said, "won't frighten or terrorize use, nor will they change our course in combating terrorists and backing the resistance.''


"We now realize that we have been right since day one," Zoubi said, adding that "the clamor that has been rising since the victory in Qusair is proof that the servants of the Zionist scheme realize they are on the verge of collapse."


The Syrian army and people the people, he said, "are determined to triumph. It is a fait accompli."


Zoubi said President Bashar Assad has been clear in calling for a political solution to the crisis and is committed to combating terrorism.


"When we want to go for a political solution, we willvdo so with the Syrians who are ready for it," he said.


Zoubi said Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and France are not party to a political solution and that the Syrian government is not interested in a political solution that involves them.


"A political solution is about sitting at the dialogue table, and not, as the Doha Coalition believes, in assuming power," he said.


"Any discussions about assuming power, changing power or forming power are just daydreams…power is only won through the ballot box," Zoubi continued, also confirming that the Syrian leadership will recognize the results of any referendum or legitimate electoral process.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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