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Syrian Gold Lira in Markets

Gold prices in Syria have skyrocketed in Syria over the last two years
Syrian Gold Lira in Markets

The head of Goldsmiths Society in Damascus, Ghassan Jazmati, said Sunday that the government released the Syrian Golden Lira on to the market on Saturday.


The lira is 8 grams and 21 carat.


Jazmati said he expected it will compete with other gold liras "because it is made of pure gold of 21 carat".


Sources said the Souq al-Hamidieh and the Damascus castle are depicted on the front of the coin, while the Aleppo Citadel is depicted on the back. 


Gold prices in Syria have broken all previous records during the last two years with the price reaching 10,000 Syrian Pounds. The price has now reached 5,108 SP, or $3,602. 


Three other gold liras are now available in the Syrian market now, including the Rashadi and English gold liras.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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