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Syrian Signs Marriage Contract in Silence

A Syrian living in Istanbul has donated his wedding funds to the people of Idleb, to try and help ease their suffering reports Jisr.
Syrian Signs Marriage Contract in Silence

A Syrian man living in Istanbul, Ibrahim Zabibi, announced that he would donate all the money that had been set aside to pay for his wedding to the people of Idleb.

He wrote on his Facebook page: “I announced that next Wednesday, I would sign a marriage contract to a woman whom I love … but the matter is grave. This land is our land, the people are our people, the blood is our blood and the wounded are our wounded … we ask our lord and our people to forgive us.”

Zabibi noted that he had decided to sign his marriage contract in silence, and said that, “As the world is watching us dying in silence, I will donate the full expenses to our people and what remains of our revolution, and for those steadfast and patient, to extend our ancient heritage and our voices, which cry out against oppression without preference or favor.”

Zabibi donated the cost of the wedding party to the emergency campaigns carried out by the Ghiras al-Nahda organization.


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