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Syrian MP to Russian Newspaper: “Syria Ready to Restore Relations with Turkey Under Two Conditions”

Boutros Morjaneh said Turkey should "end its occupation of Syrian territory and stop its support for terrorist groups," according to Athr Press.
Syrian MP to Russian Newspaper: “Syria Ready to Restore Relations with Turkey Under Two Conditions”

The head of the International Committee in the Syrian parliament, Boutros Morjaneh, stressed that there is a possibility of rapprochement with Ankara and that Damascus is ready to restore relations with it but with two conditions. 

Morjaneh explained to the Russian newspaper Izvestia that “for rapprochement, Ankara must end its occupation of the areas of northern Syria, in addition to withdrawing its support for the armed factions present on Syrian territory.” 

The Syrian MP pointed out that “there are some serious obstacles to improving relations with Turkey.” He revealed that “there are different contacts between the two countries in the security field.” 

“Relations between states should be built based on good-neighbourly relations, taking into account the common interests of the two states,” Morjaneh stressed. 

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In the same context, Turkish journalist Yasar Niyazbaev said that “there are positive developments in the relations between Ankara and Damascus, which are real. Erdogan has two main reasons for rapprochement with Syria: Syrian refugees and Kurdish separatists,” according to Izvestia. 

Niyazbaev explained that “Erdogan’s main task is to secure Turkey’s southern border from the bombing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), whose fighters are hiding in northern Syria.” He stressed that “Erdogan and the opposition agree that the best way to secure the southern border is not by a military invasion, but through negotiation with Damascus.”   

According to Turkish political researcher Karim Haas, “rapprochement with Damascus may be necessary for President Erdogan from an electoral point of view. Erdogan is not relying on an outcome in the near future, nor on a complete restoration of relations with Syria, but on proving that he is able to solve the refugee problem in Turkey by restoring relations with Damascus.” 


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