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Syria-Belarus to Strive for $1 Billion in Trade

Ministers meet with Syrian-Belarusian Business Council to discuss topics for upcoming forum
Syria-Belarus to Strive for $1 Billion in Trade

The Syrian-Belarusian Business Council met with Syrian Minister of Industry and the Minister of Economy to discuss talking points for the Syrian-Belarusian Joint Committee to be held in Minsk in April.


The main topic of discussion was the formation of a joint company for the production of trucks and buses inside Syria, alongside the establishment of other industrial investment projects for the production of pharmacological glass and electrical appliances in collaboration between the Ministry of Industry and specialized Belarusian companies.


During the meeting, Secretary of the Syrian-Belarusian Business Council, Dr. Katiba Hasan, suggested raising the volume of trade with Belarus to $1 billion, noting that commercial exchange currently does not exceed $60 million, which is unreflective of the good political relations between the two countries.


Syrian exports to Belarus include fruits, vegetables, medicine and medical products. Belarus is considered a promising market for Syrian pharmaceuticals, textiles and food and chemical materials.



Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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