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Syria to UN: Peace-Loving Nations Must Act Against Terrorism

Syria urges international community to honor its counter-terrorism obligations in letters addressed to UN
Syria to UN: Peace-Loving Nations Must Act Against Terrorism

Syria has protested to the UN over the recent terrorist carnage in the central province of Hama.

Over 60 civilians, mostly women and children, were slaughtered or shot dead and many others injured on Tuesday in a terrorist assault against al-Mabouja village in al-Salamieh countryside of Hama province. The assailants continue to hold a number of the village’s locals hostage.

In two identical letters addressed to the UN Secretary-General and Head of the UN Security Council, the Syrian Foreign Ministry urged the international community to honor its obligations in fighting terrorism and extremist groups by cooperating and coordinating with the Syrian government to fight this “dangerous scourge”.

The perpetrators of the massacre are what a number of states dub “moderate opposition” in an attempt to hide their crimes, which would not have been possible without direct support provided by countries that unabashedly claim to be Syria’s friends.

The ministry claimed the massacres and crimes against humanity that terrorists commit in Syria make it imperative for peace-loving countries to take punitive measures against other countries supporting and financing terrorist organizations.

The letters concluded by affirming that Syria is determined to fight terrorism and protect its citizens, urging the UN Security Council to enforce its counter-terrorism resolutions and take a firm stance against violators.

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