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Syria U.N. Envoy says Military Strike on Syria Illegal

Jafaari says Syria is a peaceful state that seeks peace and security in the region
Syria U.N. Envoy says Military Strike on Syria Illegal

Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari said any military attack on Syria would constitute a violation of the U.N. Charter and would be considered an attack on the U.N. chemical weapons investigation mission.


Jaafari said he had asked the U.N. Secretary-General to investigate three new sites where he said armed terrorist groups had used chemical weapons against the Syrian Arab Army.


At a press conference in New York, Jaafari said that the tripartite meeting of Britain, France and the United States at the U.N. Security Council is illegal and not consistent with the mission to preserve the international peace and security.


Jaafari clarified that the Syrian government has been briefed on confirmed information and cables proving the involvement of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other governments, including the British, were preparing programs for the use of chemical weapons through European companies financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


He noted that the U.S., seeking to prepare the ground for a military intervention in Syria, is not a member of the Non-Proliferation of Chemical Weapons convention, labeling it as "hypocritical".


"Syria condemns the use of chemical weapons in Syria by anyone and requests that they be held responsible," Jaafari said.


"Syria wants the U.N. investigation mission to continue investigations and make a scientific report to be presented to the Security Council for study," he said, also calling for the mission to be given "enough time to complete an objective and scientific report, without political and military interference."


From 22- 24 August, Jaafari also claimed said "horrible acts took place in Damascus [during which] members of the Syrian Arab Army were affected by poisonous gas used by the opposition forces."


These gasses used were similar to nerve agents or Sarin gas, he said, adding that dozens of Syrian soldiers are being treated at hospitals because they inhaled these gasses.


"The Syrian government requested the U.N. Security Council to ask the investigation team currently operating in Syria to immediately investigate these crimes," Jaafari added.


He pointed out that there is an agreement between the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry and the investigation team which states that the period for the mission to accomplish its work is 14 days but can be extended if both sides agree.


Jaafari said the latest request was one of 419 letters sent to the U.N. Secretary General and the Security Council members since the beginning of the crisis in Syria.


Syria's Permanent representative to the U.N. said that Syria is not a war advocate.


"Syria is a peaceful state that seeks peace and security in the region, as tension would only serve the best interests of the Israeli enemy," he told reporters.


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