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Syria Protests to UN Over Deadly Hassakeh Blast

Syrian Foreign Ministry urges UN to take measures against terrorist groups and countries sponsoring them after bombing in Hassakeh city leaves 40 civilians dead during Nowruz celebrations
Syria Protests to UN Over Deadly Hassakeh Blast

Syria has condemned a deadly terrorist blast that hit Hassakeh city on Friday.

Terrorists detonated two car bombs in al-Shuhadaa Square in al-Mufti residential neighborhood in Hassakeh, claiming the lives of over 40 civilians and injuring more than 96 others, most of them women and children.

In two identical letters addressed to the UN Secretary General and Chairman of the United Nations Security Council, the Syrian Foreign Ministry claimed that the attack coincided with the Syrians’ celebrations of Nowruz, with festivities turning into funerals and a colossal national tragedy.

The new carnage adds to a long list of terrorist crimes in all Syrian provinces, committed by what the West terms “moderate opposition”, said the ministry.

The ministry repeated Syria’s appeals for the UN to take a firm line against terrorists and the countries backing them, urging the international community to “sever ties with terrorist organizations, and stop trying to attain narrow political ends at the expense of Syrians’ blood and suffering”.

The letters warned that “the evils of terrorism will not stop at Syria’s borders, but will reach to other countries,” calling for full cooperation with the Syrian government in the fight against terrorism.

Syria also demanded the UN Security Council employ deterrent measures against terrorist groups and the countries sponsoring terrorism.

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