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Syria Demands UN Adopt Firm Line Against Terrorists: Assad

Damascus calls on UN to condemn recent terrorist crimes and to back efforts to eliminate the "scourge of terrorism threatening the region and the world"
Syria Demands UN Adopt Firm Line Against Terrorists: Assad

Syria reiterated its commitment to continuing its fight against terrorists as part of its duty in protecting the country’s citizens, calling for the UN Security Council to take deterrent measures against terrorist organizations and the countries backing them.

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry addressed a letter to the UN secretary-general and president of the Security Council denouncing deadly attacks that rocked Aleppo city on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, terrorist organizations fired rocket shells against residential neighborhoods in Aleppo, killing 31 civilians, among them 13 children, three women and 15 elderly men, while wounding over 135 others.

According to the ministry, the crime was committed by groups the West dubs ‘moderate opposition’, highlighting the misery of Aleppo city whose locals are subject to killing, starvation and thirst by terrorist organizations.

“As it vows to continue to carry out its constitutional duties to protect its citizens, the Syrian government calls on the UN to condemn this new crime and to back its efforts to eliminate the scourge of terrorism which threatens the entire region and the world,” the letters added.

The ministry said Syria demands immediate measures by the UN Security Council against terrorist organizations and the countries and states supporting them.

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