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Syria Calls for Prompt Action Against Turkey for ‘Subversive’ Role in Syria

Damascus condemns Turkey for its support of terrorists inside Syria, calling for UN action against Ankara
Syria Calls for Prompt Action Against Turkey for ‘Subversive’ Role in Syria

Syria has urged the United Nations Security Council to lead “prompt and decisive action” against the Turkish government for its aggression against Syria.

Following recent reports on the transfer of arms form Turkey to terrorists inside Syria, the Foreign Ministry demanded that the UN and its counter-terrorism committees force the Turkish government to control its borders, and to cease the training and support of terrorist organizations.

The Turkish Cumhuriyet news agency recently published photos and video revealing large quantities of mortar shells, grenade launchers, and ammunition hidden in a Turkish truck bound for Syria.

According to the ministry, the reports only reveal the “tip of the iceberg” of Turkish aggression against the Syrian state.

The Syrian government has submitted authenticated information exposing Turkey’s subversive role in Syria, the ministry said, describing Ankara’s behavior as a “flagrant violation of the UN Charter, international law and relevant UN resolutions”.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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