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Syria Opposition Rejects Regime’s Participation in Arab Summit in Algeria

The opposition criticized Algiers’ insistence on inviting the regime of Bashar al-Assad, according to Asharq al-Awsat.
Syria Opposition Rejects Regime’s Participation in Arab Summit in Algeria

Opposition figures in northwestern Syria have expressed their rejection of the regime’s participation in the upcoming Arab League summit set for Algeria in November.
They criticized Algiers’ insistence on inviting the regime of Bashar al-Assad in spite of its war machine and its allies’ crimes against the Syrian people throughout the past 11 years of conflict.
They slammed Algeria’s efforts to persuade League members to allow Syria to take part.
The organization had suspended Syria’s membership for its crimes against humanity against the Syrian people, destruction of their homes and displacement of millions of people, noted activist Ayman al-Ali.
The opposition also condemned Algeria’s support to the regime, its increase in cooperation with it and exchange of official visits.
Algeria appears to have forgotten the regime’s killing of tens of thousands of Syrians in the past 11 years, its bombardment and shelling of cities, chemical attacks, rape of women in detention centers, and digging of mass graves for executed detainees, they said.

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Idlib activist Ayham al-Hassan, 48, said the regime lost legitimacy in Syria when its security forces killed the first citizens using live ammunition in early 2011, when the anti-regime protests broke out.
He cited the destruction of more than 70% of Syria’s cities and towns, deeming efforts by some leaders to return Syria, under the Assad regime, to the Arab League a “disgrace.”
He suggested that instead of seeking its return, they should visit the 1,450 refugee camps near the Syrian-Turkish border, witness the people’s suffering and tragedy, and listen to their demands.
“We (Syrians) deem as absurd efforts to return the regime, which allowed criminals from all over the globe to kill Syrians,” he added, remarking that the regime is ruling over local and foreign militias instead of Syrian citizens, most of whom were forcibly displaced.
Rights activist Akram Junaid deemed as “unacceptable” the Algerian president’s efforts to return the regime to the Arab League and allow it to take part in the summit.
Such efforts amount to restoring the legitimacy of the regime, which has subjected the Syrians to the worst kinds of torture, killing, hunger, detention and displacement.
He called on the Arab states to take a unified and firm stance and reconsider the steps taken by some Arab leaders.
Junaid further urged them to force Assad to agree to a political solution that ensures his removal from power and the return of displaced Syrians to their homes.


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