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Syria Needs Real Businessmen, not Fundraisers and Cronies

Assad outlined the social and national responsibility of investors in Syria, according to al-Watan.
Syria Needs Real Businessmen, not Fundraisers and Cronies

President Bashar al-Assad said that with the opening of the first phase of the photovoltaic power project in the industrial city of Adra, Syria needs “real investors, not fundraisers or deal-makers like most of those who call themselves businessmen these times. ” 

Assad’s messages were aimed at the social and national responsibility of investors in Syria and the need to direct the investment so that it is reflected on the whole society and not only in the investor’s pockets. 

The new proposal is meant for “businessmen,” traders, industrialists and owners of money to think of projects that benefit Syria and the general Syrian population. It is not to be limited to small projects with guaranteed profit through which they regain their capital within a few months, without assuming any social or national responsibility, and without having any impact on the general public. 

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What is required today is not to invest in a mall and resell it to make profits or a ready-made restaurant and renovate it to become a facility that generates money for its owners. Some people may need these projects, but in no way can the term businessman or trader be used to refer to these “investors”; they are closer to money collectors. 

Syria does not need these people as much as it needs real businessmen who invest their money in projects aimed at alleviating people’s suffering, alleviating the budget deficit, and providing foreign exchange. This is done through huge projects such as power generation projects, imported materials production projects, giant agricultural projects, and infrastructure projects. It is inconceivable that the country suffers from major problems in its infrastructure and service sector and that some of the capital is directed toward consumer projects only.

Syria today, more than ever, needs courageous national capital that believes in the future of Syria and Syria’s recovery. It needs capital, whose goal is to invest in Syria and the Syrians. This is the proposal that we must work on today to build financial blocs that invest in vital projects whose goal is national and profitable simultaneously. At the same time, it should not be only based on consumerism and constitutes a drain on the state’s resources that are needed for all the Syrians in Syra and abroad. This is to rise up and restore Syria as the President wants, better than it was before. 


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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