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Syria Condemns Hostile Campaigns Against Russia

During a meeting of the UN General Assembly, the ambassador of Syria blamed Ukraine for the escalation with Russia.
Syria Condemns Hostile Campaigns Against Russia
Syria Condemns Hostile Campaigns Against Russia

Syria affirmed its condemnation of Western hostile practices, stances, and campaigns targeting Russia and attempts to offend it, noting that some Western countries, particularly the United States, fabricated the Ukrainian crisis to undermine Russian national security.

During a meeting of the General Assembly on Wednesday on the Ukrainian crisis, Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations Ambassador Bassam Sabbagh said that Syria has always been keen to emphasize the importance of solving regional and international problems through diplomacy and dialogue.

Syria has supported all efforts to maintain security and stability in any place of tension in the world, starting from its belief in the importance of respecting the principles and purposes of the United Nations Charter.

The inclusion of the item entitled “The Status of the Temporarily Occupied Territories in Ukraine” on the General Assembly’s agenda is a unilateral, irresponsible, and politicized step that reflects the desire of some Western countries to escalate the situation in that region and to put pressure on Russia on account of regional and international security and stability, and the solid historical relations between the peoples of the two countries.

Sabbagh pointed out that the General Assembly’s continued consideration of this issue constitutes an assault on the mandate of the Security Council and a violation of Article 12 of the UN Charter. He noted that the issuance of Security Council Resolution No. 2202 of 2015 is evidence of the Council’s consideration of this issue, which requires the Assembly not to take any action unless the Security Council requests it to do so- a condition that has not been fulfilled in this case.

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Sabbagh stressed that the absence of political will on the part of the Kiev authorities and the negative interventions of NATO and Western countries that claim to be keen on Ukraine and at the same time seek to escalate tension there, create a hostile atmosphere, and deploy heavy weapons and missiles prevented the implementation of the Minsk agreements of 2015 and led to the abuse of the historical relationship between Russia and Ukraine and straining tension between them. He pointed out that Western countries are generously sending weapons and missiles to Ukraine and without any calculations of the consequences are responsible for the escalation in the region.

Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations made it clear that the proposals that Russia has been making were worthy of deep consideration before taking any measures or threatening to take measures from NATO and some Western countries. He asserted that imposing illegal coercive measures from the United States and some Western countries will complicate the situation, especially after it was proven that such measures failed to deal with sensitive issues in international relations.

Sabbagh indicated that with regard to the situation in Crimea, Syria’s position is based on the results of the referendum that took place on March 16, 2014, in which more than 82 percent of voters expressed their will in accordance with international law and democratic practices and chose to remain as part of the Russian Federation, calling on Western countries that pay lip service to the slogans of democracy and human rights to respect choices and free will of the Crimean people.

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