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Suweida Residents Call for Sit-in

Tensions are high in the town after regime forces arrived to arrest young men for compulsory military recruitment
Suweida Residents Call for Sit-in

Civil groups in the province of Suweida have called for a sit-in on Friday, December 12, to protest the living conditions and rising prices. The sit-in and protest will start at 11am in front of the shrine of Ain az-Zaman.


Arika village in Suweida witnessed on Tuesday a protest against "the lack of diesel fuel in the province, despite the harshness of the weather, the high transport prices and the deterioration of living conditions that are no longer bearable," according to the Attawhidiyoun al-Judud Facebook page.


The region has experienced high tensions in the recent period, after clashes broke out between the people of the town and the regime forces that arrived to arrest young men for compulsory military service.


The same Facebook page revealed a set of decisions taken by the Security Committee in Suweida in response to a recurrence of incidents against the security forces and civil and military police. These incidents include preventing them from raiding the houses of young men required for military service.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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