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Student Demonstrations on Turkey-Syria Border Condemn Regime Massacres

Residents of Atama refugee camp demonstrate against regime bombing of Idleb civilians with poisonous gases
Student Demonstrations on Turkey-Syria Border Condemn Regime Massacres

The directorate of refugee camps in the Atama region on the Syrian-Turkish border organized student demonstrations to commemorate the outbreak of the Syrian revolution.

The demonstrations, organized by the Camps Directorate of Atama Association, started from the Yousuf and Noura camps toward the village of Hamad al-Ammar. School students and people of the village of Hamad al-Ammar, in addition to dozens of children from camps on the Syrian-Turkish border, participated in the demonstrations.

Director of the Camps Directorate in Atama Association, Abu Alaa, told All4Syria that "the demonstrations condemn the massacres committed by the regime army in the countryside of Idleb, responsible for the martyrdom and injury of many civilians, after the regime air force bombed the liberated areas with poison gases".

The demonstrators thanked the Turkish government and people for their support, while chanting revolutionary songs and raising signboards in several languages, hoping their message will reach those who do not wish to hear it.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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