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Statement by the Revolutionary Movement in Syria

Four rebel groups deny the legitimacy of any political body that subverts the revolution or fails to take into account the sacrifices of the Syrian people or fails to properly represent them
Statement by the Revolutionary Movement in Syria

We have waited in vain for months for the Syrian National Coalition to take concrete action, and offered its leadership multiple chances to do so.


The reality is, however, that the Coalition's leadership has failed to fulfill its responsibility to represent the great Syrian people’s revolution at the organizational, political, and humanitarian levels.


The Coalition's continued failure, particularly at the General Assembly during the last week of meetings in Istanbul, deepens our conviction that the Coalition, in its current form, and due to the ongoing discord among its different parties , is unable to fulfill its obligations.


This negativity has led to the blatant interference of international and regional parties without respect for the national will of the people.


The Coalition's organizational capacity has deteriorated, while it has far exceeded its original mandate as agreed upon during its establishment.


Given the Coalition's ongoing dysfunction, we feel compelled to re-state our national responsibility as a revolutionary force; to honor the sacrifices of our people, to fulfill their revolutionary aspirations, particularly in light of the challenges posed by the Geneva 2 conference, and the decision-making process regarding the future of our nation and the region.


We hereby declare that:


The recent attempt to expand membership of the Coalition is no more than a feeble attempt to add persons and groups that have no real impact on the revolution. We reject this attempt.


Any new Coalition members must represent our revolutionaries politically, and empower them by participating fully in the Coalition's decision-making process. Our political representation should occupy no fewer than 50% of seats in both the Coalition and the executive offices.


The revolutionary forces that have signed this statement will no longer bestow legitimacy upon any political body that subverts the revolution or fails to take into account the sacrifices of the Syrian people, or fails to properly represent them.


 We consider this statement to be a final warning to the Coalition, for the Syrian people have spoken.


Long live Free Syria, in dignity, for all its loyal citizens.


Damascus, 28 May, 2013




Syrian Revolution General Commission

Local Coordination Committees of Syria

Syrian Revolution Coordinators’ Union

Supreme Council for the Leadership of the Syrian Revolution




Translated and Edited by The Syrian Observer


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