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Statement by Arab Foreign Ministers: Gulf-U.S. Commitment to Solution that Meets Aspiration of Syrians

The Ministers reaffirmed their support for the efforts of US and coalition forces in achieving the lasting defeat of ISIS, according to Baladi News.
Statement by Arab Foreign Ministers: Gulf-U.S. Commitment to Solution that Meets Aspiration of Syrians

The Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the United States of America reiterated their unwavering commitment to achieving a comprehensive political resolution to the Syrian crisis. They emphasize the importance of preserving Syria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, fulfilling the legitimate aspirations of its people, and adhering to the principles outlined in the United Nations Humanitarian Charter.

Following a collaborative ministerial meeting between the Gulf states and the United States, the Ministers expressed their appreciation for Arab initiatives aimed at pursuing a gradual solution for Syria, aligning with the objectives of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254. This initiative was initially set forth during the Arab Ministerial Contact Group meeting on Syria held on May 1st, 2023, in Amman and further affirmed on August 15, 2023, in Cairo.

Blinken Calls on Gulf Countries to Pressure Assad Regime

The Ministers reaffirmed their steadfast support for the efforts of US and coalition forces dedicated to achieving the lasting defeat of ISIS within the Syrian territory. They condemn any actions that pose threats to the safety and security of these forces. Furthermore, the Ministers emphasized the urgency of establishing a secure environment conducive to the voluntary, dignified, and safe repatriation of refugees and internally displaced individuals, consistent with United Nations guidelines. They also underscore the critical importance of providing essential assistance to Syrian refugees and their host nations.

The Ministers once again stress the necessity of a ceasefire in Syria and underscore the vital need to ensure unimpeded humanitarian access to all Syrians in need. This access must be facilitated through all available means, including cross-border and cross-line routes.

Ayman Safadi: The crisis in Syria is a burden on Jordan 

Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Ayman Safadi, reiterated on Tuesday the unwavering commitment of his country to safeguard its security and national interests. He emphasized that the ongoing crisis in Syria and the issue of drug trafficking represent significant challenges for Jordan.

During a press interview on the “tenth” program, broadcast on the national screen, Safadi affirmed Jordan’s determination to take all necessary measures to eliminate any threats to its national security. He underscored, “We are resolute in preventing the infiltration of drugs and the grave consequences they bring to Jordan.”

Safadi further noted that drug trafficking is a well-organized operation, executed by individuals with considerable capabilities. Jordan’s stance is unequivocal: it will address the source of this threat and neutralize any danger it poses to the Kingdom. He pointed out that there are groups associated with regional and other entities responsible for the smuggling, and Jordan is steadfastly countering these illicit activities.

Referring to His Majesty King Abdullah’s address to the United Nations General Assembly, Safadi stated that Jordan’s position is crystal clear – it will not tolerate any threat to its security and will confront any such challenges head-on.

In closing, he emphasized that the Syrian crisis has generated numerous threats in the past, including terrorist threats, which Jordan successfully managed with the assistance of its armed forces. Currently, the challenge is drug smuggling, and Jordan is actively addressing this issue. Safadi noted that Jordan has communicated its requirements to the Syrian regime government, and a continuous dialogue is in progress. However, in parallel, Jordan remains steadfast in taking all necessary actions to protect its security and stability.


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