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Son of Hilal al-Assad Kills Dozens in Revenge for Father’s Murder

Activists warned people not to leave homes, fearing revenge attacks from Shabbiha forces
Son of Hilal al-Assad Kills Dozens in Revenge for Father’s Murder

Activists in the city of Latakia said the son of Hilal Assad, Suleiman, went on a killing spree in the province the moment regime media announced his father's death.


Hilal Assad, a cousing of the President Bashar Assad, was killed in fighting in Kassab on Sunday.


Activists said Suleiman, on hearing the news, jumped in his four-wheel-drive loaded with heavy machine guns, and accompanied by a number of Shabbiha vehicles, entering regions and districts in the province of Latakia including Saliba, Mashrouh al-Saliba, al-Taabiyat, Tariq al-Harsh, Bustan as-Seedawi, Alskantor, and Qunenis.


Sulaiman began shooting randomly and threw grenades at houses and balconies, resulting in a number of civilian deaths and injuries.


News on social networking sites said that at about 8pm local time on Sunday, a wave of euphoria spread in those areas and the cheers of Allahu Akbar could be heard from inside some of the houses and buildings, following the sound of explosions and the spread of the news of the death of the Shabiha leader, Hilal al-Assad.


Shortly afterwards, Suleiman and his Shabbiha supporters entered the neighborhoods and started shooting randomly and heavily, spreading panic among the civilians residing in what are mixed-sectarian neighborhoods.


Hilal al-Assad, known as "the commander of the Syrian coast", was the head of the National Defense Committees and Shabbiha groups.


He was often referred to as "the perfect Shabbiha of Latakia and the coast" and his followers are spread all over Latakia. They paeticipate in abduction, detention, murder, banditry and kidnapping girls.


Hilal had his own detention center, a horse stable that he had turned in to a Guantanamo-like torture chamber for his abductees.


Suleiman, his son, is  under 18 years, but according to the testimony form those inside the Presidential Palace and the people of Latakia, had surpassed his father in his criminal activities. He was arrested after his criminal and aggressive behavior and his use of weapons and murder.


 A special military convoy from came from Damascus by order of the presidential palace – and the president personally – to arrest him. Just days later, her was released and he returned to his criminal activities.


Activists asked the residents of areas exposed to these criminal reactions to be cautious in order to take care of the rest of the "social unity of the city". The activists also demanded caution against  repercussions and revenge attacks expected from Suleiman and the Shabbiha forces of his father. They called for people to stay at home and not to go out in the streets in order to avoid arrest or murder during this very difficult period.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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