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SOC Selects Badr Jamous as Candidate to Head Syrian Negotiations Commission

The SOC’s political committee decided to select Badr Jamous to head the Syrian Negotiations Commission, according to the SOC Media Department.
SOC Selects Badr Jamous as Candidate to Head Syrian Negotiations Commission

The Syrian Opposition Coalition’s (SOC) political committee held a regular meeting in the presence of President Salem al-Meslet, President of the Syrian Negotiations Commission Anas Abdah, and Co-chair of the Constitutional Committee Hadi al-Bahra.

The SOC’s political committee decided to select Badr Jamous as the SOC’s candidate to head the Syrian Negotiations Commission.

On a different note, the SOC Department of Foreign Relations met with the European Union delegation to Syria to discuss the latest field and political developments in Syria.

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The meeting brought together SOC’s Vice President for Foreign Affairs, Abdulahad Astepho, a member of the political committee, Bader Jamous, the European Union envoy Dan Stoenescu and the director of the political department in the European Union office in Lebanon, Anne Borlon.

Astepho spoke about the al-Taddamon Massacre, which was revealed by the Guardian newspaper, stressing that it was not the only massacre that the Assad regime committed against civilians in Syria.

Astepho pointed out that there are tens of thousands who have been killed or lost their loved ones in these brutal ways, adding that the Assad regime is not serious about the political process or even about releasing detainees. He stressed that the so-called amnesty it has recently issued aims to cover up its crimes.

For his part, Jamous spoke about the need to keep Syria on the negotiating table under the auspices of the international community. He stressed the need to push in all directions and use all means to achieve a political solution that achieves the aspirations of the Syrian people for freedom, dignity and democracy.

For his part, the European Union envoy reaffirmed the EU’s support for Syria, pointing out that Assad does not have any credibility. He criticized the method in which detainees were released as inhumane.

He stressed that the European Union will seek to mobilize international efforts to exert pressure on Russia to extend the UN resolution for the cross-border delivery of humanitarian aid to those in need in Syria.


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