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Shura Council in Idleb Reports Advancement in Implementation of Reform Measures

These measures encompassed the establishment of 8 committees "across liberated areasä, according to Syria TV.
Shura Council in Idleb Reports Advancement in Implementation of Reform Measures

The leader of the General Shura Council in Idleb, Mustafa Mousa, announced progress in what he termed as “reform measures” within the council during a press conference on Thursday.

Mousa disclosed that these measures encompassed the establishment of 8 committees across liberated areas. He noted that these committees engaged in dialogue with the population to address their concerns and demands, although specific details regarding the scope of their authority remained undisclosed.

Furthermore, Mousa highlighted that within a timeframe not exceeding 10 days, these committees successfully resolved approximately 25 percent of the total cases they received.  

Council of grievances

Mousa emphasized that the council’s leadership has established the Council of grievances, tasked with receiving and addressing complaints and grievances from both institutions and individuals, adhering to legal procedures. He noted that this board has commenced addressing complaints forwarded by regional committees.

The council head stated that these initiatives followed three workshops involving academics and activists. These workshops deliberated on optimal electoral systems for areas beyond the regime’s control, methods to sustain specialist representation within governorates, as well as criteria for candidacy and election.

Concluding, he affirmed, “Our objective is to advance with transparent and fair electoral systems, ensuring integrity to facilitate equitable elections. The restructured Council will serve as the cornerstone for enacting laws and evaluating governmental performance, fostering popular oversight and empowering its legislative functions.”

High Elections Committee 

The council previously declared the appointment of new members to the Supreme Elections Committee, led by Essam al-Khalif, in anticipation of establishing the framework for electing a new Shura Council.

The High Elections Committee comprises Essam Khalif as chairman, Ali Sultan as deputy chairman, and members Mohamed Ragheb, Mohamed Mahmoud al-Zein, Abdul Ghani Sahari, Abdul Nasser al-Youssef, and Abdul Qader Ghazal.


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