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Shabaan, Shebel: Russian Operation Necessary for its National Security

President Assad's top advisors stood up defending President Vladimir Putin’s policy in Ukraine, according to SANA.
Shabaan, Shebel: Russian Operation Necessary for its National Security
Shabaan, Shebel: Russian Operation Necessary for its National Security

Special Adviser at the Republic Presidency, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, has affirmed that the Russian special operation in Donbas is a necessary step to preserve Russia’s national security and interests, and it heralds the rise of two main poles in the international decision, namely Russia and China, and the consolidation of the new world order.

For her part, Special Adviser at the Republic Presidency, Luna al-Shebel, has affirmed that Syria supports the Russian special military operation in Donbas.

“Russia did not resort to this military operation until after all opportunities for political solutions had been exhausted and the direct threat against it had become serious,” Shebel said in an interview with the Russian Sputnik Agency published on Monday.

Shaaban’s remarks came in an interview with the Syrian al-Ekhbariya TV channel last night.

She added that the West did not leave Russia with another option in Ukraine after it evaded its pledges not to expand NATO to the east, noting that Russia’s loss would be much greater if it did not take this step and start its own military operation in Donbas.

Shaaban indicated that the current crisis is related to the tensions in the Russian-Western relations that date back to decades when U.S. President George Bush and his Secretary of State James Baker led negotiations with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev on the entry of United Germany into NATO, Russia agreed to that on the condition that NATO did not move an inch towards the east and that the number of members not exceed 12 countries. Today, NATO is made up of 30 countries.

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Shaaban noted that Syria lived the same experience with the West and its hypocrisy. When Henry Kissinger visited Syria in 1974 and spoke about the necessity of starting a peace process, Syria agreed to that and agreed to UN Resolution 242 and engaged in a peace process from 1990 to 2000. At every stage, the West did not fulfill its promises.

She added that the West, which imposed unilateral coercive measures on the Syrian people, is doing the same with Russia. From that came the common understanding of Syria and Russia towards international issues and Western stances on them, and from that came Russia’s honorable stance in support for Syria in its war on terrorism and its use of the veto at the UN Security Council in favor of Syria and to prevent Western aggression against it.

In light of the misleading campaigns by the Western media, it is necessary to stand on the facts and realize that Ukraine, which is adjacent to Russia, is a historical, strategic, and vital partner, and Moscow cannot accept that Kiev is a member of NATO,” Shaaban said.

Shaaban added that the West does not apply to itself what it wants to apply to others because of its arrogant view towards other peoples.

She stressed that the misleading campaigns waged by Western media against Russia, which aim to intimidate and blackmail, remind of the media misleading against Syria since 2011, through the fabrication of videos and the dissemination of lies.

Shaaban indicated that all the sanctions adopted by the United States against countries, including Russia and Syria, are violations of international law, and therefore Western countries’ talk of violating international law by Russia is unacceptable.


Ms. Luna al-Shebel also affirmed that the West’s talk of hostility with Nazism is a “big lie”, considering that the West will suffer more from the siege imposed on Russia than Moscow itself.

She noted that the course of military action cannot be talked about without seeing all the political and diplomatic work that preceded it.

She clarified that Syria had expressed its willingness to recognize the republics of Donetsk and Luhansk about two months before the recent events and “does not fear Western sanctions.”

Shebel said that the Syrian government has made contact with representatives of the two republics and is ready to cooperate in various fields when tensions subside in the region.

She added that Syria will support Russia to overcome sanctions, as Moscow did with Damascus.

In the same context, Shebel said that the countries which had supported previous wars in a number of countries in the world have no right to condemn Russia.

“The countries that have killed millions since the Korean War and then the wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq and today in Syria, have no right to talk about international law, legitimacy or conscience,” she added.

She stressed that the Western countries have turned the world into a “forest” where the strong eat the weak, and thus Russia not only has the right but is also obliged to defend itself.

On the other hand, Shebel said: “We have information about the departure of extremist militants from the Middle East to Ukraine and Kazakhstan.”


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