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Shaaban: Countries’ Change in Syria Stance Only a Media Ploy

Presidential advisor claims that a recent change in governments' stance towards the Assad regime is nothing but a media ploy
Shaaban: Countries’ Change in Syria Stance Only a Media Ploy

Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban has said that talking about a change stance of some countries towards Syria is nothing but a media strategy, as the financing and arming of terrorists continues.

“Real change would be actual when regional states stop arming, financing and facilitating the flow of terrorists into Syria, and when the international community takes a decisive stance to apply relevant Security Council resolutions,” Shaaban told al-Manar TV in an interview broadcast on Tuesday.

“Four difficult years have passed, during which the Syrian people have offered great sacrifices as the country was targeted with its unity, history, identity and coexistence… The targeting of Syria is part of targeting the whole region, which began since the US occupation of Iraq in 2003, aiming at fragmenting the Arabs and erasing their regional and international role,” Shaaban added.

On the relation between ISIS terrorists and the state of Israel, Shaaban said this relation is “organic”, and they are tools for this enemy, affirming that the major beneficiary from the war in Syria is Israel.

She affirmed that some Arab and regional countries have a basic role in supporting terrorism, which strikes Syria and sheds the blood of its people, thanking Iran, Russia and Hezbollah for their support towards Syria.

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