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Shaaban: We’re Facing Historical New Way of Dealing with Syria

Shaaban said the world is dealing with Syria in a new way following the defeat of armed groups in various locations in the country, according to Athr Press.
Shaaban: We're Facing Historical New Way of Dealing with Syria
Shaaban: We’re Facing Historical New Way of Dealing with Syria

The Special Adviser to the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic, Bouthaina Shaaba, stressed that the Syrian war revealed a lot of Western hypocrisy. She pointed out that there is a new historical beginning in the way the world deals with Syria.

Shaaban said in an interview with Iran’s Tasnim news agency that the Syrian army and its allies changed the situation on the ground after armed groups were located in many Syrian cities years ago.

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“It was the war on Syria that has exposed Western hypocrisy, and now that the reality of the war on Syria has been exposed, there are many loud and brilliant voices in the Western world who stand with the truth and human rights in Syria and other countries of the world,” she said.

Shaaban stressed that there is a new historical beginning today with regard to dealing with Syria.

Shaaban concluded her statement by stressing that Syrian territory will return fully to the Syrian state at all costs or time, Tasnim reported.

It is noteworthy that Syria is witnessing a positive diplomatic dynamic coming from many Arab countries that had previously shown hostility to the Syrian state. Foreign and Hebrew reports confirm that it has become a new fait accompli in Syria that must be dealt with in a different way. Several Arab countries, primarily the UAE, announced their intention to establish economic and investment projects in Syria.

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