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Secret Agreement Between ISIS, Regime and PYD in Deir El-Zor

Broad military campaign this week expelled ISIS from many villages and areas in the countryside of Deir El-Zor
Secret Agreement Between ISIS, Regime and PYD in Deir El-Zor

The pilot and Deputy Commander of the Revolutionary Military Council in the province of Deir El-Zor, Colonel Ismail Mullah Omair, has confirmed in an exclusive statement to All4Syria that a large-scale military campaign has been launched, resulting in the liberation of many villages and rural areas in Deir El-Zor from the hands of the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS).


Omair cited the names of villages that have been liberated so far, including Khasham, Mazloum, Marat, Hatalah, as-Salehia, Hussienieh, Jenin, al-Hisan, Chakra, Sphera Foqani, Sphera Tahtani, Muhamadieh, Hawaiej Albomasaa, Hawaiej Diab Jazzera, Zughayyar Jazeera, Alassawah, Hamaralali, Hamaralkasra, al-Kasra.


"Clashes are currently taking place on the outskirts of al-Busaira, Bureihah at-Tabieah and al-Sour," he said.


Omair stressed that ISIS is a terrorist organization that "receives financial, military and logistical support from both Syria and Iran."


"The reasons which prompted Tehran and Damascus to create their strategic ally, ISIS, was the need to create a terrorist organization in Syria and declare war against it to prevent the Western and U.S. intervention against the Syrian regime and to stop the military support for the Syrian opposition. The regime tries to keep its power by advertising the idea that the Syrian opposition are terrorists and ISIS with all its horrors is the only alternative to the Syrian regime," he said.


The Colonel revealed a secret agreement took place between the Syrian regime, ISIS and the PYD.


"About a month ago, a secret agreement took place between the leaders of the Syrian regime and the mercenaries of ISIS and PYD. The agreement includes the withdrawal of ISIS from Raqqa and the countryside of Qamishli and Al Hasakah, except the village of Markadah,  to devote itself to Deir El-Zor. The agreement includes supporting ISIS with large amounts of money and in return ISIS will occupy the province of Deir El-Zor with its oil and gas wells stretching from Deir El-Zor to Abu Kamal (in Iraq)."


Omair said that ISIS is not fighting the Syrian regime and that "it wreaked havoc, slaughtered and killed the Syrians. They consider the Syrian armed opposition and the Free Syrian Army their first enemy. The practices and behavior of ISIS prompted the factions in the province of Deir El-Zor to unite to fight against ISIS and the Syrian regime at the same time. The decision of unification was right and it led to victories against both ISIS and the regime."


"The battles are still going on, though we  cannot compare the great support that ISIS receives from the Syrian and Iranian regimes with the support the Syrian armed opposition receives. Providing support for the fight against the Syrian regime and ISIS is the responsibility of the international community," he said.


Omair also revealed that the broad military campaign has achieved victories this week and expelled ISIS from many villages and areas in the countryside of Deir El-Zor, resulting in "a large number of casualties among ISIS, including the leaders and warlords of the terrorist organization".


He also warned that "a number of Arab and foreign fighters fighting under the banner of ISIS are misled, while a small percentage of them discovered the reality of the terrorist organization and defected from it."


The Deputy Commander of Revolutionary Military Council in Deir El-Zor expressed surprise that "the whole world claims to fight terrorism and ISIS is one of the most terrorist organizations. Nevertheless, no country has provided the necessary support to the Syrian armed opposition to fight this terrorist organization".


Omair concluded his statements with a question: "Do they want the war in Syria to continue for many years?"


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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