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Second Week Starts: Demonstrations in Suweida as Southern Tribes Join

Protesters removed a picture of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from the northern entrance to the city of Suweida, according to Syria TV.
Second Week Starts: Demonstrations in Suweida as Southern Tribes Join

Demonstrators in the city of Suweida have taken action by closing down the Baath Party leadership building and several state institutions in alignment with an ongoing general strike during the second week of protests.

According to Suwayda 24, a local news website, numerous protesters assembled in front of the party’s leadership building located at the northern entrance of the city. They vocalized calls for freedom amidst popular chants and effectively prevented employees from entering the premises.

On Sunday, protesters also engaged in partial road blockades in various rural areas of the governorate, including Majadel, Shahba, Mardak, al-Hawya, and Arman. These actions occurred simultaneously with planned vigils set to convene in al-Sir/al-Karama Square in the heart of Suweida.

“The Syrian People are One”: Calls for Mass Demonstrations Against the Regime in All Cities of Syria Friday

Suwayda 24 reported that youth groups extended their presence to governmental departments and institutions across the city. Their intervention hindered the entry of employees into their workplaces. Notably, the demonstrators upheld the strike across all departments and institutions, excluding those categorized as essential services.

In a show of solidarity with the protesters’ demands, retired officers in Suweida released a statement. They emphasized the importance of resolving all outstanding issues to overcome the crisis through support for a peaceful political solution in accordance with Resolution 2254.

These retired officers advocated for the establishment of an interim board of directors tasked with overseeing the administration of the governorate and coordinating the operations of essential service agencies. Additionally, they announced the creation of a committee, led by Brigadier General Nayef al-Aqil, aimed at unifying various factions and supervising their collaborative efforts to enhance social stability at the governorate level.

On Sunday, protesters in Suweida showcased banners bearing the following messages:

  • “A political solution encompasses more than just a constitutional committee.”
  • “Our Arab neighbours, reject the idea of propping up the regime. Incremental changes lead to the nation’s decline.”
  • “Against the dominance of Iran and its allies.”
  • “Support the autonomy of unions and the judiciary, free from security control.”
  • “Demand the release of women detainees from captivity in non-state prisons and factions.”

For freedom: A new traditional song in Karama Square in the center of Suweida 

Suwayda 24’s platform aired a song that was passionately performed by protesters at Karama Square in the heart of Suweida. The lyrics resounded: “He ventured for mint, Bou Marhaf won’t be back. Your doorway has been welded shut, Baathists must depart.”

This new song emerged following the forceful closure of the Baath Party branch within the governorate, done so with unwavering determination. Demonstrators utilized welding to seal the doors of the Baath Party building shut.

Delegations gather in Karama Square: Remarkable female presence and new chants 

Protests calling for the ousting of the Syrian regime initiated at Karama Square were marked by a significant presence of women and active participation from southern tribes.

Videos circulating on local websites and pages showcased new chants directed at Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, including phrases like “echoing loudly, Assad’s remedy is fear.” Demonstrators also fervently chanted, “Listen, listen, Bashar, we seek justice, we want our land, and we demand the return of the airport.”

Delegations of protesters from both Suweida city and its surrounding countryside steadily converged at the city square. These demonstrations, now in their second week, continue to call for the downfall of the Syrian regime and the amelioration of living and economic circumstances.

Adding to the momentum, a contingent of tribespeople from southern Syria united with the protests at Karama square. Their presence was underscored by resolute determination and impassioned songs, all resonating with the collective demand for the regime’s dissolution.

Protesters remove the picture of Bashar al-Assad from the northern entrance to Suweida city 

Protesters removed a picture of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from the northern entrance to the city of Suweida, at the al-Anqoud roundabout near the Air Force Intelligence Department.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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