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“The Syrian People are One”: Calls for Mass Demonstrations Against the Regime in All Cities of Syria Friday

Activists hailing from Suweida, Daraa, the Syrian coast, and Idleb have united their voices to ask for a collective protest, according to Baladi News.
“The Syrian People are One”: Calls for Mass Demonstrations Against the Regime in All Cities of Syria Friday

Activists hailing from Suweida, Daraa, the Syrian coast, and Idleb have united their voices, issuing a clarion call for a collective movement against the Syrian regime across the nation. The rallying cry, “The Syrian people are one,” underscores their shared purpose.

The statement emphatically urges all sincere and liberty-loving individuals globally to disseminate the call every Friday. In a special plea, the people of Idleb are summoned to join a formidable million-strong demonstration within the city square, while emphasizing the readiness of demonstrators in Daraa and Jaramana in Damascus countryside, poised with their equipment for the Friday rallies. Notably, coastal activists are in communication and promise forthcoming video clips, igniting a motivational fervour among Syrians everywhere.

State Media Accuses Druze Uprising of Foreign Influence and Conspiracies

According to the statement, confirmed intelligence indicates a readiness among officers within the Syrian regime forces to align themselves with the populace once they step onto the streets. The statement firmly resonates with unanimous accord regarding the imperative departure of Bashar al-Assad, with dissenting voices emerging from his inner circle.

The proclamation extends its plea to revolutionary activists residing in Europe and abroad, urging them to orchestrate parallel demonstrations in their respective countries. It concludes with an all-encompassing call for support towards Friday’s cause, culminating in the tantalizing promise of a significant revelation the following Thursday.

As protests burgeon in Suweida and other regime-controlled cities, they stand as a response to an ailing economy and inequitable policies, including the recent fuel price hike. Observers underscore the likelihood of protests proliferating in the upcoming days throughout other Syrian cities under regime dominion, spurred by worsening economic circumstances.

A Baladi News correspondent cites an Aleppo source, revealing that a multitude of young men have embarked on a demonstration coursing through the avenues of al-Shaar in Aleppo. Their impassioned chants, notably “death and no humiliation,” reverberate through the streets, captured in a video shared by participating activists. This demonstration in Aleppo aligns with the wave of protests sweeping areas under regime control like Suweida, Daraa, and Damascus, as noted by observers.

Suweida Governor 

Suweida Governor Bassam Barsik’s visit to the spiritual leader of the Druze community, Hikmat al-Hijri, aimed at mediating and addressing the ongoing protests, did not yield any favorable outcomes. During the mediation attempt, Barsik urged for calm and presented a series of potential solutions. However, Hijri rejected Barsik’s offer, asserting that the situation didn’t require mediation or external intervention.

Hijri emphasized that the protesters’ demands were already well-known and didn’t need further clarification. He made it clear that no communication would take place with any parties until the protesters’ demands were met.

This unsuccessful visit by Barsik was seen by the media as a “failure.” This event occurred just before Hijri was set to receive religious delegations as part of the annual visit to Sheikh Abu Hussein Ibrahim al-Hijri’s room. Hikmat Hijri had made preparations to host these delegations in his residence in Kanawat.

In contrast, Muwaffaq Tarif, the spiritual leader of the Druze community in Palestine, expressed his support for the protests taking place in Suweida. He called for unity among rational sheikhs and popular leaders in the governorate.

Sheikh Tarif described the protests in Suweida as an assertion of a fundamental right that aimed to uphold the dignity of the governorate’s inhabitants. He emphasized that the protesters were demanding a basic and natural right to live decently in Jabal al-Arab.

Tarif underscored the importance of solidarity between the rational sheikhs and the leaders of the people, both politically and at the grassroots level, in order to bolster the resilience of Suweida’s population.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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