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SDC Hints at New Front to “Impose” Political Solution

The SDC announced its quest to form a "political body that leads the political solution", according to al-Watan.
SDC Hints at New Front to “Impose” Political Solution

The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), the political cover for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militias, announced its quest to form a “political body that leads the political solution” and “imposes” it. It will do that through the help of the international community and active states of the Syrian government and regional countries intervening in Syrian affairs.

As the SDF continues to reject Russian efforts to avoid a ground aggression threatened by the Turkish administration through which it invades areas it controls. The Turkish administration renewed its threats that it will never allow the continued presence of the SDF’s People’s Protection Units (YPG) militias, which it describes as “terrorists” and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party ( PKK) in Syria and Iraq. It will do what is necessary to uproot them from the two countries.

Turkish Intervention Prolongs Syrian Crisis – SDC

Ali Rahmoun, a member of the Presidential Committee of the SDC Foundation, said that Turkish interventions and threats prolong the Syrian crisis and prevent a political solution, especially if Turkey implements its threats to launch a military operation in northern Syria. He said: “This will cause destabilization in the region, and the crisis will return to square one.”

He pointed out that Erdogan took advantage of the Istanbul terrorist bombing on 13 November to carry out a military operation in northern Syria to export internal social and economic crises.

Rahmoun stressed that a military solution in Syria is absolutely unlikely, and there is no way to end the Syrian crisis except through a political solution and in accordance with international resolutions, claiming that the SDF is working on it.


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