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Satellite Images Reveal Israeli Strikes Destroyed 9 Bunkers in Central Syria

Fresh satellite images have shown the damage caused to Syrian military sites by recent Israeli airstrikes reports Al-Masdar.
Satellite Images Reveal Israeli Strikes Destroyed 9 Bunkers in Central Syria

Image Satellite International released a new set of satellite photos that showed the aftermath of the Israeli airstrikes on the Palmyra area of central Syria. 

The images showed the destruction of several sites inside a Syrian military base in the Palmyra area, which is located in the eastern countryside of the Homs Governorate. 

The first satellite image revealed that nine bunkers, approximately 30×10 meters in size, were struck and completely destroyed by the Israeli airstrikes that occurred on Apr. 20, 2020. 

The second image released, claims that the Israeli attack probably intended to destroy missiles or an advanced weapons storage. 

Last week, released satellite images show some of the destruction from this area; however, the photos focused more on sites that were above ground, like warehouses.

Since Apr. 1, 2020, the Israeli Air Force has launched a half dozen airstrikes inside Syrian territory, with four of the attacks targeting sites belonging to the Syrian Armed Forces.

The other two strikes targeted a vehicle carrying Hezbollah personnel along the Syrian-Lebanese border and a remote location likely belonging to the Iranian-backed forces in eastern Syria.


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