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Saraqeb Bears Brunt of Regime Attack as Warplanes, Helicopters Rotate Bombardment

Civilian displacement continues in southern Idelb as hostilities intensify between rebels and government forces
Saraqeb Bears Brunt of Regime Attack as Warplanes, Helicopters Rotate Bombardment

Russian and Syrian warplanes escalated their airstrikes on the towns and cities of the Idleb countryside on Sunday with the raids focusing on the city of Saraqeb and the southern countryside of the province.

Media activists and witnesses in the countryside of Idleb said that dozens of air raids were carried out by warplanes and others by helicopters on the cities and towns of Saraqeb, Kafrenbel, Mardekh, Kafr Amim and Sheikh Idris.

The raids focused on the city of Saraqeb, which bore the brunt with 16 strikes carried out by warplanes, as well as two carried out by helicopters using naval mines and barrel bombs.

According to the preliminary toll of victims in Saraqeb, a father and his daughter were killed with a number of others wounded, according to information obtained by Alsouria Net from activists in the city.

Media activist Ahmed Hassan from the Idleb countryside told Alsouria Net: “The roads of Saraqeb city and its countryside up to the town of Abu al-Duhur have seen a state of semi-paralysis for more than a week, given the regime is concentrating its raids on it and targeting cars with warplanes and helicopters and other machine guns at night, as it considers the area a supply route and support for opposition forces on the Abu al-Duhur front.”

Hassan added: “Residents are afraid of crossing and conducting their business in these areas, especially at night, as regime planes attack anything that moves at night without taking into consideration if the car is carrying civilians or military.”

The regime military campaign on Idleb has been ongoing for over a month, during which time the regime has managed to capture dozens of villages in the province’s eastern countryside and the southern Aleppo countryside, most prominently Sinjar and the Abu al-Duhur military air base.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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