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Russian Coordination Center Delivers Assyrian Era Artifact to Damascus Museum

The artifact was found by "armed terrorist groups" to be smuggled and sold outside Syria, according to SANA.
Russian Coordination Center Delivers Assyrian Era Artifact to Damascus Museum

Russian Coordination Center at Hemeimeem airbase found an artifact south of Syria dating back to the Assyrian era of the first millennium BC and handed it over to Damascus National Museum.

The artifact has historical and artistic value, and it is made of black basalt stone with inscriptions symbolizing power.

It was extracted during illegal excavations by armed terrorist groups to be smuggled and sold outside the country.

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The Commander of the Russian military police in Syria said that after the return of safety and security to Syria, its antiques and heritage must be restored. This is an important work that we will work to achieve.

He indicated that the artifact was restored to its true owner, the Syrian people.

For his part, the general director of Antiquities and Museums, Nazir Awad, said that receiving this piece, which was meant to be smuggled out of Syria, is an exceptional event and pointed out that it will be the subject of further studies and analysis to reveal more information accurate about it.

In turn, The Chargé d’Affairs of the Russian Embassy in Damascus Eldar Kurbanov pointed out the importance of the joint cultural cooperation between Syria and Russia.

The Syria Arab Army, backed by the Russian forces, will liberate all the Syrian territory from terrorism and restore the country’s historical and cultural wealth, Kurbanov added.

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