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Russia and Iran Militias Clash in Qamishli

Militias affiliated with Russia and Iran clashed, resulting in injuries, according to Baladi News
Russia and Iran Militias Clash in Qamishli
Russia and Iran Militias Clash in Qamishli

On Thursday, the city of Qamishli, north of Hassakeh, witnessed an intense security alert of the Russia-backed National Defense Forces militia and pro-Iran militias affiliated with the IRGC. This came after armed clashes took place between the two sides. 

“The Revolutionary Guards shot at civil defense personnel as they tried to pass through one of its headquarters, located behind the railway, southwest of Qamishli city center,” the Ein al-Furat website said. 

The website added that a fight took place between the two sides against the background of “the Revolutionary Guard refusing to allow Defense personnel to pass in front of their headquarters. A fight erupted between the two parties and escalated rapidly to armed combat with light machine guns.” The website indicated that the clashes resulted in one injury to the National Defense and two injuries to the Revolutionary Guard, who were taken to Qamishli National Hospital. 

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A patrol of Russian forces reportedly intervened to contain the clashes, after regime forces failed to mediate the conflict. The IRGC refused the mediation, demanding the extradition of National Defense members involved in the clash. 

Tensions between the two sides are not the first of their kind, but are recurring due to the influence of Iran and Russia, as each side tries to strengthen its influence at the expense of the other, the website said. 


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