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Rima Flehan Resigns From the Coalition

Flehan apologized for any failures
Rima Flehan Resigns From the Coalition

Rima Fleihan submitted her resignation from the Syrian National Coalition on Tuesday, citing her "inability to make a positive change within the Coalition."


Flehan said in a statement that the Coalition needs to be "bolder and closer to the pains of people and their concerns; it should note the violations and mistakes from any party whatsoever, without any shame, and it should face them."


"The Coalition needs a real institutionalization, it needs a Syrian national decision that contributes to the success of the revolution and stops the killing and the war in our country. Syrians are tired of all this destruction and they need someone responsible of decision-making, someone with a strong will to put the national interest of the Syrians before anything else," she said. 

Flehan asked to allow "the new cadres to lead to a better performance. Thus, I will not be in any political entity after today and I apologized to all Syrians for any failure."


Fleihan had lost in the election of Coalition's Political Commission.


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