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Residents Trying to Leave Bibila Arrested

Spokesman of the Syrian Revolution Coordination Committees says truces are a trick
Residents Trying to Leave Bibila Arrested

The spokesman of Syrian Revolution Coordination Committees, Youssef al-Bustani has revealed a large number of civilians were arrested after trying to leave Bibila following a truce announcement there on Tuesday.


In an exclusive interview with All4Syria, Bustani confirmed that officers stationed at regime checkpoints did not allow the passage of many evacuees, many in desperate medical conditions, adding that this was a contradiction of the terms of the truce guaranteeing safe passage for leave the city.


"The process of signing the truce was a trick and those who signed it are traitors," Bustani said. "They are the factions the regime planed among the Free Syrian Army for this reason alone, while the factions fighting in Bibila were at the front and were shelled the same day the truce was signed."


"This means that the regime shelled the front of Bibila simultaneously as the delegation entered the city," Bustani said.


"The faction who signed the truce doesn’t fight on the ground. it is the same faction that protected the regime delegation when it entered the city."


"The announced agreement was a truce, and it didn’t include raising the flag of the regime or filming the process," he added.


Bustani said he considered the images shown by regime media of troops standing next to the factions which signed the truce as an "advertisement" aimed at "increasing the disagreement among the factions themselves."


When asked about regime's intention in signing a series of truces, Bustani said "the regime is now in an unprecedented state of weakness and chaos. It is trying to concentrate efforts on the Qalamon front through neutralizing the southern part of Ghouta. It also wants to use these truces in the media because of the great losses among his troops. The regime has lost 400 fighters, including 150 fighters killed in the battle of Meleha when a building full soldiers and high-ranked officers was destroyed. It lost 250 more in the recent explosion in Jobar," he said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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