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Regime Truce Violations Take Yarmouk Back to the Start

The Nusra Front issues a statement outlining regime violations of the truce agreement
Regime Truce Violations Take Yarmouk Back to the Start

Syrian opposition fighters accused the Syrian regime of "procrastination" in applying the terms of the truce in Yarmouk Camp by hindering the delivery of humanitarian aid to the area.


Meanwhile, the Palestinian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (PFLP – GC), headed by Ahmad Jibril, promised to confront armed groups in the camp, which threatens of taking the Camp back to the start lines.


In a statement, the Nusra Front on Sunday discussed the violations of the regime and the PFLP – GC of the agreement to "neutralize" the camp in the Syrian conflict. It outlined violations, saying "the troops of the regime and the General Command didn’t withdraw from the agreed-upon areas, they also ignored the commitment towards disarming the isolation areas. Actually, the fighters of the two mentioned parties gathered in those locations fully armed."


"The Syrian security forces arrested tens of civilians during the process of delivering humanitarian aid. Some regime figures and commanders of Shabbiha groups from the General Command entered the camp," the statement said.


On the other hand, the spokesman of the PFLP – GC, Anwar Raja, accused the Nusra Front "and some other similar groups" of "sneaking into al-Thalatheen street and occupying some parts of it".


"It became clear that the Palestinian armed groups cannot carry out their commitments towards applying the peaceful initiative, and this requires a popular Palestinian movement to face those gangs with all the proper tools to save the hijacked camp", Raja said.


The leader of the PFLP, Husam Arafat, accused Nusra fighters of taking control over "the famous square of Rija and Thalatheen street in the heart of the camp. They also relocated their fighters in the areas from which they were supposed to withdraw."


Palestinian sources told al-Hayat that the leaders of Palestinian faction and opposition's armed groups have held negotiations to form a common security force consisting of 280 fighters to insure security inside the camp, while regime's forces will remain in control of the entrances and outskirts of the camp, according to an agreement reached by the end of last year.


Palestinian sources said that the representatives of Palestinian factions have met to discuss the escalation, "fearing that this may lead the regime to tighten its grip over the camp, shelling it again and stopping the delivery of humanitarian aid."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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